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Antipasto (Starters)

Bruschetta Pizza

$ 19.00

Garlic Pizza

Add cheese ($3.00)
$ 15.00

Mushroom Arancini (V)

Rice balls filled with mushroom and mozzarella (4 per serve).
$ 18.00

Condire Prawns

Prawns seasoned in garlic, parsley, chilli and olive oil cooked in woodfired oven.
$ 18.00

Sicilian Mushroom (GF) (V)

Portobello mushroom woodfired with condire.
$ 17.00

Calamari Fritti

Italian style fried calamari (also available in gluten free)
$ 18.00

Whitebait (GF)

Dusted in corn flour and lightly fried.
$ 18.00

Insalata (Salad)


Mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, kalamata olives with a red wine vinegar dressing.
$ 16.00


Rocket, fennel, onion, orange segment, sultanas and walnuts.
$ 18.00


Buffala, cherry tomato and fresh basil.
$ 19.00

Pizza Rosso

San Marzano (Red Tomato Base)

Margherita (V)

Fior di latte, bufala mozzarella, basil.
$ 26.00


Fior di latte, smoked ham, mushroom, Sicilian olives.
$ 27.00

Palermo (V)

Fior di latte, mushrooms, roasted capsicum, artichoke.
$ 26.00

Mt Etna

Fior di latte, hot salami, black olives, chili.
$ 26.00


Fior di latte, san daniele prosciutto, rocket, parmigiano reggiano.
$ 28.00


Fior di latte, Italian pork and fennel sausage, artichoke, condire and fresh fennel.
$ 27.00

Matteo (Meat Lovers)

Fior di latte, smoked ham, salami, Italian pork and fennel sausage, pancetta.
$ 28.00


Fior di latte, peeled san marzano tomato, anchovies, black olives, garlic, oregano.
$ 26.00


Prawns, leek, green olives, rocket, parmigiano reggiano.
$ 29.00

Frutti Di Mare

Fior di latte, squid, prawns and Mussels.
$ 31.00

Bambino (not quite Italian)

Fior di latte, double smoked ham and fresh pineapple.
$ 26.00


Salami, oregano.
$ 26.00

Siracusa (V)

Fior di latte, portobello mushroom, gorgonzola and truffle oil.
$ 28.00

Pizza Bianca

Olive Oil (White Base)


Fior di latte, prawns, cherry tomato, garlic, parsley, chilli, parmigiano reggiano.
$ 28.00

Quattro Formaggi (V)

Fior di latte, gorgonzola, smoked provolone, bufala mozzarella.
$ 27.00


Fior di latte, Italian pork and fennel sausage, gorgonzola, walnuts.
$ 27.00


Fior di latte, hot salami, potato, rosemary and truffle oil.
$ 28.00

Verde Italia (V)

Bufala, Pesto, Chilli, fried zucchini, Cherry Tomato, Green Olives, Fresh Basil and Rocket. .
$ 27.00

Dolce (Dessert)


Just as nonna made it.
$ 18

Panna Cotta

$ 16

Creme Brulee

$ 16

Chocolate Medallion with Ice Cream

$ 17

Bevande (Drinks)

Coke 375ml

$ 4.00

Coke No Sugar 375ml

$ 4.00

Schweppes Lemonade

$ 4.00

Sunkist 375ml

$ 4.00

Baladin Cedrata Citrus Italian Soda 330ml

$ 7.00

Santa Vittoria 1Lt Sparkling Mineral Water

$ 9.00

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